Design a nanosatellite to help inform solutions to climate change

From next year, small satellites will launch into Space from UK spaceports for the first time – helping to create new jobs and opportunities for future space scientists and engineers.

A nanosat is an artificial satellite with a mass of between 1 kg and 10 kg, often used in low Earth orbit for various applications. These small but mighty satellites help us understand the Earth and its many environmental challenges. LaunchUK is inviting you to apply to its Nanosat Design Competition, which challenges entrants (individuals or teams) to design a nanosat that will support the UK in meeting its decarbonisation and climate change strategy.

5 shortlisted entrants will compete for the £600k challenge fund. It is possible that 1 – 5 of the shortlisted entrants will win a part of the funding.

LaunchUK is encouraging young people of all backgrounds and levels of education to submit applications and the deadline to apply is 7 January 2022.