Reunitise: UK Innovation Bus Tour

Reunitise are driving a positive change for the UK, supporting small, innovative businesses by convening a 12-month bus tour that will promote innovation, forward-thinking, education and sustainability. It will be stopping in the West Midlands and promoting products that really engage with people, a place they can interact with what is on offer.

Their mission is to promote UK based businesses and why it is vital to build more here in Britain. 

Bringing communities back together through meaningful projects, apprenticeships and collaboration

THE FOUNDATION BUSINESSES are 200 core supporters in this project, and they are UK based innovators who will be joining us on this tour with a full 12-month advertising presence and in some cases interviews and many demonstrations of what they do

If you’d like to be involved with the intiative and showcase your activity on the tour, find out more on the Reunitise website.