West Midlands Bus On Demand

West Midlands Bus On demand is a new type of bus service that doesn’t follow a specific route.

Instead, you book a journey and a bus will pick you up at a time you choose.

The service runs Monday to Friday from 7am until 8pm.

To book a journey, you need to register with our service. You need to download the app, create an account and then add a payment card. You cannot use cash on West Midlands Bus On Demand. You can also register by calling 0345 034 8670.

To book a journey:

• Open the app or call 0345 034 8670
• Choose the destination and pick-up time. You can book immediately or up to 5 days in advance
• Confirm your journey and pick-up point.

If you need to change your booking, you will need to cancel it and rebook a new journey. You will only be charged for your journey when you have completed it.

When you book your journey, you will be told where to meet your bus. You can track the bus in the app, and a text reminder will be sent to you 10 and 5 minutes before arrival. The bus will collect and drop off other people along the route.

Ticket prices start from just £1, with a single trip across Coventry costing just £3. Concessionary pass holders qualify for a 50% discount on
all rides. All vehicles are wheelchair accessible. We are also offering Ride Pass Bundles.

See their website or call customer services for more details.