Digital Innovation in Public Services: 5 Challenges

Can you help solve the challenges of Birmingham City Council with innovative solutions?

The DIPS approach has been influenced by the award-winning Digital Renewal Programme delivered by the Swedish ‘Better’ partner in Gavle which works with Gavle city council departments to help them identify the key challenges they face through an open innovation ‘Design Led Thinking’ approach.

Birmingham City University STEAMhouse colleagues are champions of the Design Led Thinking approach and through the DIPS project worked with BCC colleagues who were taken through a process to help identify the most important challenges they face. The project has also attracted the attention of the central government and been included in a film shared with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

The Challenges

  • Adult Social Care: 1
    How can technology enable citizens to access engaging and inclusive Adult Social Care service information quickly and efficiently?
  • Adult Social Care: 2
    Free collaborative space at Innovation Birmingham
  • Planning and Consultation
    How can technology transform public consultation to increase citizen engagement, improve quality, and enable meaningful dialogue?
  • Vyse Street Food Hub
    How can technology directly connect regional food producers with urban demand and transport goods between them in a reliable, affordable and sustainable way?
  • TfWM Mobility Hubs
    How can technology support the transformation of Mobility Hubs into places of community and business activity that drives active transport use in the city?

What’s on offer?

  • Access to free hotdesking at Innovation Birmingham Campus
  • 6 months of bespoke business support
  • Access to our partner network and expertise
  • Free collaborative space at Innovation Birmingham
  • Mentorship and full access to events and workshops
  • Real-world validation
  • Funding support available

Deadline: 19th August 2022

To read the challenges and their summaries in more depth: Click here.