Our Mission


Here at Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands we have two principle objectives:

  • Build and maintain a thriving innovation ecosystem
  • Stimulate and catalyse a pipeline of innovation activity


  • We use Working Groups (Low Carbon, Health, and SCA), events, and social media to bring together diverse organisations engaged in innovation
  • We engage in activities that support the delivery of innovation objectives of the 3 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) (GBSLEP, BCLEP, AND CWLEP); the West Midlands Combined Authority’s ‘Strategic Economic Plan’, and the roll-out of the West Midlands Science and Innovation Audit (SIA) by the West Midlands Innovation Board
  • We maintain a ‘reservoir’ of ideas and pipeline projects ready to activate/ accelerate as opportunities emerge locally, regionally, or nationally
  • We publicise events and opportunities regularly on our Twitter and through weekly email updates to our members



  • Innovation is a vital driver of regional growth, prominent in national and regional policy
  • We are guided by the West Midlands Innovation Audit, which provides evidence and direction for the need of innovation
  • Complements the WMCA Innovation Board
  • There is a stakeholder demand