Our Mission

Key Objective 1

  • Maintaining and further building a connected and well informed network of diverse organisation engaged in innovation (including working groups, events, comms activity);
  • Working to create an environment that enables the broad ecosystem to support delivery of regional and national innovation objectives in a timely way;
  • Engaging business, including those with limited involvement in innovation;
  • Channelling the bottom-up views of the wider in
    novation ecosystem to inform regional and national policy thinking.

Key Objective 2

  • Demand-led innovation (public and private sector demand);
  • Large scale, collaborative, multi-partner opportunities that will have significant impact;
  • Adding or enhancing innovation focus of existing business support programmes;
  • Activities that support the delivery of innovation objectives of the 3 LEP/ WMCA SEPs, the roll-out of the WM SIA by the WM Innovation Board;
  • Maintaining a ‘reservoir’ of ideas and pipeline projects ready to activate/ accelerate as opportunities emerge locally, regionally or nationally.

Why we do what we do