CNG Services run their trucks on renewable fuel


CNG Services Limited (CSL) provides consultancy and project management services in relation to the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel. CSL is independent from equipment suppliers and provides an ‘owners engineer’ service including design, project specification and management. 

CNG Services Ltd (CSL) supports the development of new anaerobic digester projects including a range of utilisation options for the biogas:

  • Used to generate electricity in good quality CHP
  • Clean-up of biogas to produce biomethane
  • Injection of biomethane into gas distribution networks
  • Compression of biomethane for use as fuel in road vehicles
  • Support to introduction of biomethane fuelled vehicles
  • CSL is independent from manufacturers of AD plants, CHP plants, gas clean-up plants, compression plant manufacturers and the vehicle manufacturers. We do not take commission from such companies.


When COVID came in earlier this year, CNG had four construction projects which had to be suspended. They have now been able to resurrect them and are currently in the process of being completed – though it has delayed their pipeline of work for the next two years. 

CNG Services were the recipients of the GBSLEP Pivot and Prosper Grant – a scheme designed to help organisations adapt their business models in reaction to the changing economic climate caused by COVID-19. The grant has given them funding to develop a business opportunity that involves taking gas that is not used properly and being able to run trucks on it. They hope that in 2021 and 2020 there could be up to £10m worth of projects which will guarantee some jobs and create some new ones. 

Most importantly, getting rid of diesel and moving their trucks onto renewable fuel is crucial for the Birmingham area meeting its net zero target. 

CNG are taking gas that’s being wasted, capturing it, processing it and then running trucks on it. They anticipate and hope that in 5 years’ time the trucks in the streets of Solihull and the streets of Birmingham will run on gas made from waste, and no longer on diesel. 

Managing Director John Baldwin has said: “The funding from the GBSLEP has been very helpful because it’s enabled us to find some additional resources to move our projects forward which we wouldn’t have been able to afford with our own resources at this time. 

Clearly COVID has been a very stressful thing and this year we’ll probably break even or hopefully. But the evening we’ve been given, the ideas we’ve got and a bit of restructuring we’ve been able to do stands us in good stead and in 2 or 3 years time, there will be lots of trucks running on gas and we’ll be able to look back and say it’s fine.”