Plinx use innovative technology to improve safety of construction workers


Founded in 2016, PLINX is an innovative tech company that currently use their technology to improve safety of construction workers. 

The company began by designing product used for hazardous sports – such as surfing and caving – and using an SOS tag that would alert users when they were moving ‘off the grid’. Since 2019, Plinx have been designing product for construction sites. 


The team at PLINX have developed an infrastructure that monitors proximity of tagged assets as they move around site. Increasing visibility of hazards without disturbing current operations. With Real-Time and Real-Motion site reporting and analytics, the team have developed the tools to improve operational efficiency, safety and security, to improve site workflow, workplace safety and employee tracing.

The system is split into three key areas, designed to protect both employers and employees operating within hazards places with potentially hazardous pieces of plant equipment.

TEAMTAG includes a single helmet-mounted sensor which provides market-leading 360-degree protection. With audible, visual and haptic feedback designed for construction environments, the TeamTag can help to reduce workers proximity to co-workers and hazards. 

HAZARDTAG – A patent-protected safety solution which enables digital zones to be deployed and tracked as part of existing working practice. The HazardTAG is a battery-powered tag that is mounted to the top of a cone, it provides visual and audible feedback when an operative approaches or breaches the restricted zone. 

MACHINETAG – A machine mountable tag that offers collision protection for people and places. MachineTAGs can be fitted in minutes providing market-leading accuracy. The MachineTAG combined data from nearby TAGs to provide greater insight into the cause of exclusion zone breaches. It offers audible and visual feedback to both the machine operator and pedestrian reducing the likelihood of a collision. 

The devices are all connected to the cloud through PLINX proprietary rapidly deployable networks. These provide a robust private local network, giving connectivity across the site. These can be setup in minutes, providing connectivity of up to three miles from a single point.


The pandemic created even greater urgency for the adoption of the technology. Last year, the device was use predominately for contact tracing, providing an effective 360-degree management of social distancing. Furthermore, whilst the device provides a level of anonymity, it backs onto the cloud with a system which allows it to track and trace, so you will alerted if you have come into contact with someone who has COVID. 

Despite the COVID response team being the first to encourage the adoption of the TeamTag, the requests are now coming from the operational teams. The intelligent system provides rich location and proximity data, reducing risk for employers and providing the opportunity to improve operational efficiency. 


Thanks to its use in HS2, the team at PLINX have seen a significant increase to their turnover, and nearly tripled their number of FTEs since last November. Their aim is to build safer and more connected environments, for construction companies to deliver projects on time and with zero harm. PLINX want to be at the heart of the connected construction site; building their presence alongside other digital construction disruptors, and creating a better environment for construction companies to develop. Watch this space!