uses nano technology to increase engine life and reduce emissions

Read how is innovatively improving mpg, performance, and engine life of automobiles.


Christian Mallon has a background in advanced chemical engineering, having spent over 20 years optimising chemical processes in liquid technology industries, including oil refineries and industrial commercial paints. 

Using his knowledge of liquid technology, he quickly came to the conclusion that the nano products he had come across were genuinely innovative and the best products he had encountered in his career. 

Based in Cannock, Staffordshire,’s eBay stop started in 2016 and has grown to over £100k of online sales. To date, they have completed over 12,500 treatments. 


“We knew that people wanted to be able to fix the niggles in their car – the noisy engine tappets, the smoky exhaust, the overheating – and have their cars run more efficiently and reliably without paying a fortune to a mechanic every time. Concern is also growing about air quality and the pollution that cars are generational, but, at the moment, we cannot envisage life without cars. 

“We stumbled across a range of nano technology products from overseas that were reasonably prices and tried them on our own cars. The results were fantastic: significant improvement in miles per gallon (mpg), less noise, less smoke and lower operating temperature to name a few. And when Aunt Frances tried it in her 20-year-old Mitsubishi Jeep and said “you should sell this stuff” – the idea was born.”

The Innovation

The new product uses Nano Technology engine additives, resulting in better mpg, performance and engine life. This helps the customers save money to help the environment by reducing emissions and reducing the frequency within which vehicles and machinery need to be replaced. Unfortunately, due to the use of biofuels, it cannot reduce levels of NO2.

It is South Korean Technology which has been an approved service additive in South Korea for Audi, Toyota, Hyundai and KIA. It is now available in over 57 countries with well over 1 Million vehicles treated globally, to date. All that is required to treat your vehicle is to add the Nano Technology sachets into your engine oil and coolant water and you will start to see results. also now produces a nano cloth that works on any painted surfaces to remove scratches.

Improving the fuel efficiency was just one of the results their products achieved, and so in 2019 decided it was time to rename the company Renovare UK – a Latin word, meaning to renew, improve, or restore – which neatly summed up the effects their products have. 

Renovare went on to win Best for Automotive Engine Performance products at the 2020 UK Enterprise Awards. Check out some of their case studies here.

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