Simple Design Works innovate throughout the pandemic

Check out this fantastic Case Study by Simple Design Works to find out how they have been innovating during the pandemic…

Our Business

Simple Design Works is a product design consultancy that works with everyone from entrepreneurs to multinational businesses. They’re a creative and inquisitive team backed by technical skills, who listen and work with clients to provide thoughtful and brilliant design on time. They can help with projects from concept development stages through to prototyping, manufacturing and production.

Their innovative approach has reinvigorated the products of well-respected brands and helped design new ranges. Their integrity, humour and understanding of real-world design is pivotal to their success and ensures many of their clients return.

Our Background

Simple Design Works was created by Kristo Shivachev, a highly experienced design engineer whose passion led to the creation of SDW. His vision is to simply turn good ideas and concepts into successful products – and to enjoy the process!

SDW is made up from an ambitious, curious and friendly group of individuals. Their backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electronics and product design means they can handle most projects.

Innovating during COVID-19

During the pandemic, SDW contacted all their clients and networks to confirm that they were ready to help. They were made aware of a Facebook group seeking 3D printers to print clips to be used in face-masks for frontline staff in the NHS and care homes. Simple Design Works responded and proceeded to send out thousands of clips, using their rapid 3D printers to produce them. Marketing Director, Ruth Parry, noted how she has seen much resilience and originality from companies during the pandemic.

SDW’s other design initiatives during the pandemic included:

  • Housing units for foot-operated hands sanitisers.
  • Re-designing flat packed transportable beds originally for hotels to be made for temporary hospitals.
  • Producing a valve for cases where the infrastructure in hospitals weren’t sufficient to feed oxygen to additional multiple patients. Simple Design Works produced a prototype which was swiftly 3D printed, then sent out to all hospitals in the West Midlands.
  • Designing door handle thermometer devices.
  • Adapting existing manufacturing equipment to enable companies to diversify into making PPE equipment.

As a result of this increased activity, the company recruited more staff on a permanent basis. One of whom was recruited entirely through zoom.

We’ve loved seeing the innovative response of businesses in the West Midlands as a result of the pandemic, and Simple Design Works are certainly leading the way!