Jayden Patten

Digisheds Can Do Digital graduate

Meet Jayden Patten

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Jayden is one of the recent graduates of the Digisheds Can Do Digital employability programme in the West Midlands (Cohort 1 Feb-July 2020), which led to his employment in August 2020 with Methods UK as a junior ServiceNow Developer (Certified System Administrator and Certified Application Developer). He is quickly developing real-world experience in ITSM, Scripting, Service Portal and ATF, with the ambition to develop deeper knowledge of the overall software development process to become a software architect.

As a Can Do Digital trainee, Jayden developed a wide range of professional and business employability skills to complement learning Service Management basics and the fundamentals of the ServiceNow Platform. He also worked directly with ServiceNow in the Digisheds Sector Ready Studio (Professional and Cloud Services) to achieve certifications (Application Developer/Certified System Administrator) and micro certifications (Designer, Automated Test Framework, Integration Hub, Agile Development). Jayden studied a National Higher Diploma in Software Engineering at the University of Southampton (including Software Modelling and Design, Interaction Design, Algorithmics, Programming (Java) and Programming Concepts).