A year with the Innovative Health Working Group – 2019

It’s the end of another year and we’re reflecting on the amazing time we’ve had with our Innovative Health partners and the great things we’ve seen and heard throughout 2019. We enjoyed it so much we want to share our top takeaways with you too:

  1. Enlighten AR – The worlds first free Augmented Reality support campaign for mental health. This innovative series of posters offer support from panic attacks and stress to post traumatic stress disorder and depression. It was so well received on World Mental Health Day that the posters trended on Twitter alongside Teresa May and Lady Gaga!
  2. BINDI – The Birmingham Pune Smart Nutrition City Partnership looks at innovative ways to tackle malnutrition. The aim is to create a Nutritionally Smart City by using data and technology to change the way that food is produced, processed, distributed and consumed.
  3. Thrive at Work – Recognising the need to ensure our working population is supported, WMCA have created the Thrive at Work Commitment to reward employers for improving the health and wellbeing offer to their employees.
  4. Dignio – Dignio makes it possible for healthcare providers to offer a new remote care service. With their solution healthcare personnel can follow up on patients in a safe way, at the same time giving patients both flexibility and a sense of achievement.
  5. ExtraCare – The ExtraCare Charitable Trust has a vision to create better lives for older people. They want you to enjoy a happy, healthy and fulfilled lifestyle in their vibrant communities, with care if you need it.
  6. University of Warwick, Getting Active with the data – The Institute of Digital Healthcare is part of WMG at University of Warwick. Prof Mark Elliott is using movement analytics for digital health innovation including smart sensors, wearables and video tracking.
  7. Pathlake is a project funded by Innovate UK running at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire, one of five centres of excellence in digital pathology, medical imaging and AI. The project has increased the speed, accuracy, diagnosis and prediction of treatments for cancer.
  8. Mindful Healthcare – Mindful healthcare is a ground-breaking partnership. Embracing state-of-the-art technology they ensure access to highly skilled and experienced practitioners working together to facilitates individual programmes of support in harmony with pupils, their home and school in order to develop their wellbeing.

We can’t wait for 2020. Watch this space for up-coming events…