Re-Imagining Transport – 13-14th March 2023

13 March 2023 - 14 March 2023

13th – 14th March 2023

University of Warwick, The Slate, Coventry CV4 7SH


This two-day conference will  show how TfWM is improving accessibility, reducing traffic and electrifying transport through its new Local Transport Plan (LTP). TfWM will share insights and also hopes to find new collaborators for its innovation journey…

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) is supporting the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) to update its Local Transport Plan (LTP). Following conversations with residents, employers, business and key stakeholders on the challenges and opportunities facing the region, the LTP is helping TfWM to pin down what a better future transport system looks like – and how to deliver it….

The LTP sets out policies to promote safe, integrated, efficient and economic transport to, from and within its area, as well as plans to implement those policies. Among these policies is the need to deliver action across ‘6 Big Moves’ to improve accessibility, reduce traffic and electrify transport for the area covered by the West Midlands’ seven metropolitan districts/boroughs.

TfWM is achieving its 6 Big Moves through widespread collaboration. This unique event will:

– Showcase the WMCA LTP and its 6 Big Moves: highlighting challenges, opportunities and solutions

-Offer insights into genuine transport innovation taking place across the region

-Extend opportunities for collaboration on key areas of continuing development such MaaS, behaviour change, CAM, micromobility, EVs and DRT

-Seek feedback and input from peers in order to accelerate TfWM’s understanding, and application of, the 6 Big Moves

-Bring a national perspective, showing how local authorities, practitioners and communities are making collaboration between the technology, transport planning, resilience, health and urban development sectors work harder