Multi-Modal Transport: Integrating Tech and Infrastructure for the Future – 11th October 2022

11 October 2022

We were joined by the 3 Networks and Working Groups for a discussion about smarter, greener transportation!

This flagship event brought together three of the Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands (IAWM) networks: the Innovative Transport Working Group (ITWG), the Innovative Zero Carbon Working Group (IZCWG), and the Smart Places Working Group (SPWG).

The session kickstarted a broader conversation that will be explored more deeply in the individual Working Groups over the next year. The event was be featured as a Birmingham Tech Week event, with Tech and Digital playing a key role in the conversations about Net Zero, active travel, and multi-modal transportation journeys.

The session included presentations, an expert panel, and breakout discussions all with a catered lunch provided.

Topics covered will included: active travel, future mobility, multi-modal transportation, infrastructure, and Tech and digital, as well as customer journeys and customer(s’) experience(s). This will all be framed in the context of working together across sectors to build a Zero Carbon future; innovations in transport and technology will play a key role in enabling the UK–and the globe–to reach our imperative Net Zero goals.

By bringing together the three Working Groups and inviting Birmingham Tech Week attendees into the conversation, we catalysed opportunities for collaborative innovation, including across sectors and geographies.