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West Midlands IP Routemap

Helping to turn commercial opportunity into competitive advantage

Through FREE or FUNDED IP support, the West Midlands IP Routemap helps to ensure your business can get the ‘right IP support at the right time from the right people’.

It is available whether you are an early start-up, established business or getting ready to scale.

This support framework is now being offered across the region, but some businesses have already benefitted:

‘Brilliant support … The support you guys have given has been superb and a huge help to a small business trying to build’

‘I’m glad in the early stages to have learnt what I need to do before something cropped up’.

Other businesses have benefitted from the funded support to work with an IP professional:

‘IP is a value creator for us so if we are able to protect our IP correctly and create a comprehensive IP portfolio then that will add to company valuation at funding rounds’.

‘Very helpful, it was fantastic introduction to adding value to our business … I really value the relationship we now have with our IP lawyer as a result’.

If you are an innovative or creative business, you can to learn more about how your business can access this free IP support and potential funding opportunities:

Please contact:

  • For Greater Birmingham & Solihull regions, contact: Christine Hancock; GBSLEP Growth Hub
  • For Black Country and Coventry and Warwickshire regions, contact: Amerdeep Mangat; Innovate UK Edge.

Case Studies

The Greater Birmingham & Solihull Growth Hub supports businesses in the region with business support and funding. For more information on the support they provide, check out the case studies on Pet Weighter and the Advanced Services Group below: