Anna Nierobisz creates Virtual Reality experiences with elements of theatre


Company name: Anna Nierobisz, Birmingham, UK

Approx. Annual Turnover: £10,000




I’m creating Virtual Reality experiences with elements of theatre. I also provide services such as XR related consultancy, teaching Unity. My main market is in the UK.

My background is in theatre and I was looking to learn about business development and how I can  diversify and learn about XR and develop XR products/services that could generate profits.


Within my project I was looking to bring live performance into VR. The main challenge was access to mocap technology, setting up the workflow, upskilling in Game Engines and VR technology.  The knowledge part was a challenge as I hadn’t worked with VR technology before.

Firstly, to understand different components of what would be required to deliver this project I consulted a creative technologist who helped me understand different elements of technology and provide advice on which areas I should research and learn about.

In the next stage I’ve experimented with technology and what was accessible on a budget such as mocap using Kinect, different mocap solutions, 3D asset creation using VR sculpting tools, creating avatars using free software, and learning about animation using free online samples. Through experimentation and learning about different VR technology components I’ve learned which elements I would need to find solutions for. One of them was mocap technology. I’ve spent some time testing different solutions and taking to different vendors. Once I had better understand what solution would work best, I’ve found a vendor. We worked together using mocap technology and setting up workflow capturing animation used within VR.

For skills development I’ve upskilled myself using YouTube videos and other materials available online. I also developed my technology skills through working on the project and using technology and resolving incoming issues myself. In cases when problems required additional helped, I sought advice of creative technologist whom I knew. To improve final product and improve aesthetics I worked with another vendor (Taran 3D) whom I sourced through connections made via STEAMhouse.


I’m a sole trader working in the media and entertainment industry. When I joined STEAMhouse I was working on my first VR project and I was looking for advice and guidance on how I could develop my product so it can generate profit. I attended numerous talks organised by STEAMhouse which helped me to develop knowledge about business development, art commissioning, and the current landscape of the XR industry. Through the ability to access workshops, mentoring, and contact with other STEAMhouse members, I’ve realised that I can develop a service providing/consulting-teaching part of my business.

I’ve also extended my network and met other artists and businesses working in the same field. As a result, I have formed collaborations and outsourced elements of work on the project to other STEAMhouse members. As a result of building networks and developing relationships I have identified paid opportunities to teach.