CyberQ Group develops solution for managed cloud security


CyberQ Group was launched in 2016 and includes a team of cyber experts and business professionals. Since being elected to participate in the 2016 Cyber London Accelerator programme (Cylon) they have seen significant growth and commercial success. Their goal is to make businesses more cyber resilient by working closely with partners to deliver bespoke cyber solutions to board level priorities.

They have headquarters in Birmingham, with a centre of excellence in the Philippines. This structure allows them to offer new ways of delivering services and to develop new service lines in cyber for businesses. Their customers include DPD and Aston University.


When Covid hit, there was an increase in businesses turning to cloud services. CyberQ Group saw a need to understand how to help these businesses secure their assets in the cloud environment.

They approached Aston’s Innovation Voucher programme and used the grant to hire a marketing agency to conduct a market research with their existing customers.


The research led to the discovery that a misunderstanding of how cloud environments work, meant that businesses were neglecting the risks of using multiple cloud services. CyberQ Group had the knowledge that the largest percentage of successful attacks on cloud services were due to customer misconfiguration and poor management.

On the back of this CyberQ Group developed a new service for digital monitoring of a business’s digital footprint called Cloud Security Services. This new service offers a managed cloud security solution to help business keep their cloud infrastructure protected. Businesses can now take control of their multi-cloud environment with streamlined visibility, compliance, and automation.