Air Quality Matters for Local Authorities and the Public

31 January 2022

Air Quality Matters to Health. Experts explore green space & technology for mitigation strategies for local authorities and the public.

There is now a well-established link between air quality and health. There is also a clear evidence of link between air quality and the spread of Covid. It is well established that there are high levels of serious illness and deaths associated with long term exposure to air both internal and external pollution.

The workshop will look at the latest technologies and science to try to find ways to mitigate the adverse impact to health due to long term exposure to high levels of pollution. (Attendance is free, but is by registration only, limited number of spaces available)

In this era of consistently high levels of air pollution as well as continuously evolving variants of Covid in localities across UK, how can current and predictive air quality information support local authorities and sufferers?

Can technology solutions be created using Machine Learning, BigData, GIS, Satellite, Weather and traffic data to provide citywide analytic air quality information and hyper local air quality indexes to support mitigation strategies for sufferers and the health conscious?

The workshop will explore:

1. How can people with Lung and Asthma disease be supported to mitigate long term exposure to Air Pollution?

2. Challenges to acquiring hyper locality air quality information

3. What impact geospatial features such as buildings, trees and green areas has on air quality?

4. Showcase useful technological developments to provide via an App locality based air quality “live” and predictive information, which may help individuals with mitigation strategies.

5. Showcase technological developments, which may help local councils to gain a granular level, “live” and predictive data on PM2.5 and NO2 via a Citywide Analytic Dashboard (CAD) to aid planning and help guide localized air quality policy in areas of deep concern.

6. Opportunity to input into the design of the user interface for both technologies: the App and the features local councils would love to have within a Citywide Analytic Dashboard (CAD).

Who Should Attend the Workshop?

1. Individuals who are suffering from exposure to poor air quality and the health conscious who want to learn how technology can help them.

2. Local councils; CAZ , Air Quality Monitoring Departments and public health responsible for monitoring Air Quality across the City but face challenges in acquiring granular citywide data that they can analyse to make informed policies for their citizens.