Tech Leaders Forum: Cyber Security in the Boardroom – 8 March 2022

08 March 2022

Enabling your Board to make better cyber security decisions

About this event

Every organisation should have somebody with sole responsibility for security issues, where their role is to ensure that cybersecurity is kept on the agenda for the board and senior management, and that a suitable security programme is in place.

As organisations accelerated their adoption of digital technologies, cyber security . . .

Treating Cyber Security as an investment in a business requires other parts of the business to share the load and be responsible for the parts. Treating it like Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations etc helps to . . . .

Register to attend this webinar to get guidance & tips on how to:

  • Assign a leadership role for security
  • How a business can build defences in depth
  • See cybersecurity as an investment, not a cost

Tue, 8 March 2022, 12:00 – 14:00