WMRRN Resource Matching Workshop: Cross-Sector

17 July 2024

The West Midlands Resource Reuse Network (WMRRN) resource matching workshop will help your business achieve cost and carbon savings.

Date & Time: Wednesday, July 17, 9am – 1pm

Location – Conference Aston, Aston Street, Birmingham B4 7ET

Join the West Midlands Resource Reuse Network (WMRRN) Resource Matching Workshop: Cross-Sector for a morning filled with networking and learning opportunities.

What is this event about?

resource matching workshop brings together businesses with a common goal in mind – to save money by improving the way they manage resources and waste materials. The unique WMRRN event aims to enable businesses to identify new opportunities between delegates at the event through the matching of resources, including waste, energy and water.

This FREE in-person workshop will help your business to:

  • Improve resource efficiency
  • Reduce your cost and carbon footprint
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Network with other businesses

The WMRRN team will facilitate a lively and interactive session that will allow companies to exchange details about waste streams they have on-site or want as a resource input. Remember to bring details of resources you wish to share or discuss on the day.

Who should attend?

Improving resource efficiency is common sense for business. Increasing waste disposal costs and growing public awareness of environmental issues means that incentives have never been greater for companies to find better ways to manage their wastes and underutilised resources.

Does your organisation generate significant waste streams or consume large amounts of material, water or energy? If you are a business in the West Midlands Combined Authority area, and would like to lower cost and carbon, increase sales and build business contacts with other companies then you should sign up for this FREE workshop.